We Made the Newspaper

September 13, 2014

Pleasantly surprised to see an article in the London Free Press today promoting our show at Fitzray’s September 12th.  Electric Popsicle Spins Po at Fitzrays.

“Summer days may be slipping away, but Electric Popsicle is here to stay.

This local cover band takes favourite pop songs — from Katy Perry to No Doubt to Donna Summer — and injects them with a dose of rock. The four-piece includes lead songstress Andrea VanderWeide (also on rhythm guitar and keyboards), lead guitarist Mick VanderWeide, bassist James Peter and Gord Oliver on drums.

With a background in heavy metal, punk, new wave and rock, you can rest assured this band will give every pop hit (from the ’70s to last week) an electric new spin.

Electric Popsicle play at Fitz Rays Friday at 10 p.m. This show is 19+.”

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