Choosing a Live Band for Your Event

July 18, 2015


Are you looking for a live band for your party? Live music can be a great addition to your High School Reunion, Birthday Party, Retirement Party, Backyard Barbeque or Wedding. The entertainment is one of the most important decisions you will make when planning your event, as it can really set the tone for the evening. Here are some tips to help you make sure you choose the right band for your event.

 Song Selection. Make sure that your band provides you with a song list. Find out if they are willing to learn new songs or requests. If you graduated high school in 1980, you might want a genre band that will play music from that decade. Look for a band that appeals to a wide audience. While you may love metal, grandma and Aunt Ruby might prefer something a little less aggressive.

 See the Band Live. Ask if they have any upcoming shows you can attend before you make your decision. The way the band conducts them onstage at another event will speak volumes about how they are going to behave at your event. However, remember that the way a band performs at a pub is not necessarily the same way they will perform at a wedding. Speak with your potential band about the differences.

 Ask about experience. You want your band to be a professional band that will make sure your event runs smoothly

 Can you get good references? Look online for reviews and try to speak to those people for their feedback

 Live footage. The internet is full of live footage. Remember you are hiring a band not just for their sound, but for their performance. If you can’t see the band live, this is the next best thing

 Equipment. Find out if the band will be bringing their own professional quality sound and lighting equipment. A lighting package can add a great ambiance to your festivities.

 Will the band also DJ or emcee? You may want specific songs for moments in the evening (for weddings, there is the cake cutting and the garter toss.) The band you choose should come with the ability to play DJ songs as well.

 Website. Does the band have a website? Most professional bands will have a website highlighting photos, videos and a long library. Be wary of a band that does not have an online presence

 Get it in writing. When you make your decision, make sure to negotiate a contract and make sure to check it with your venue. This should include loading and unloading times, any specific song requests, a “key man” stipulation, band attire, “play” and “do-not-play” lists, a cancellation and refund policy, fees and overtime rates, equipment requirements, and a food and drink policy.

Electric Popsicle is available for corporate and private events. Please check out our song library and contact us if you want more information.

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